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King Road House


Located further up the road on the right-hand side from the Magetic Hill on King Road in Burlington. Address will be posted shortly.
The story, rumor or 'urban legend' about this house and the property that it stands on, is that there used to be a house on this lot that was owned by a family and one day the father killed his family then killed himself by burning down the house with everyone in it.

Is it haunted?
Well, when we pulled up to this newly rebuilt house it did not look or seem haunted at all. There were lights on all around the house and there were people living in it. This house is very beautiful yet creepy in a way. We visited this house many times and the very last time we visited it which was in the middle of June, 2003 something seemed very strange...all the lights were off and the entire property looked to be vacant like there was contruction going on. So we took pictures of this house and the property and were very shocked at what we caught on the camera.

Spring/Summer 2003



The pic on left is of the house from the end of the driveway where the street starts. Can you see the misty presence near the trees? The pic on the right is also a pic of the house from the street. Can you even see the house?


This pic is of the roadside beside the house where the forest starts.

Tuesday, Mar.15/05
Note: I just happened to be in the area this night and thought i would stop by the hill and check out the house as well. So my 1st picture was of the house and well thats all the pictures i could take. The camera died right after this shot. Batteries were fine and the camera worked later on, very strange. Anyways i will be back to this site in the spring for sure.


You can notice the ORBS at the top centre of the picture.

Note: I hope to re-visit this site again very soon and hopefully have more pics available at that time.

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